Saturday, March 03, 2007

#14 May 11, 2005 Northern Mockingbird - Mimus polyglottos (Stateline Lookout, NJ)

#58 August 17, 2006 Ring-billed Gull - Larus delawarensis (North Bergen, NJ)

Gulls are my favorite birds, most are accesible and numerous. They also teach good birding, having many plumages, 4-year gulls like the Great black-backed Gull having the most. Their behavior entices note taking and spurs memory. I have seen 8 spp so far, I hope to see them all one day.

#71 October 23, 2005 Yellow-rumped Warbler - Dendroica coronata (Stateline Lookout, NJ)

Peoplewatcher birds are common, this one was checking us out while we searched for a Capy May Warbler by the Pinetum. It was craining it's little neck, I am sure to get all the field marks for Ben.

YRW are hardy passerines, I have seen them in all weather and all seasons around the NYC-Metro are.

#110 January 28, 2006 Long-tailed Duck - Clangula hyemalis (Barnegat Light, NJ)

Ducks, I love 'em. The way water beads and trails off the feathers, their voice and colors.

I saw LTDs at SH, a cold January which clocked in a few duck spp at the Hook. The plumage is almost like a photo negative than that of breeding specimen, the tail is indeed long, at times curving from duck to air to water, like a dark living rainbow.

#46 June 25, 2005 Black Vulture - Coragyps atratus (Everglades, FL)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

#288 January 13, 2007 Snowy Owl - Bubo scandiacus aka. The White Ghost (Piermont, NY)

I saw it, Snowy Owl (first lifer of 2007), it was perched in it's wet regalia, white, like alabaster that has gotten a bit dirty wasted wooden parapets and beaten towers, its infinite realm cloaked in fog and mist.

The picture was left blurry on purpose.

The only birder there, my brother and about a quarter of a mile west 3 fishermen.

Binocs views, they were good, the scope was left in the car it's half useless and the weather would have made it more so. The white ghost was facing south, it turned it's head a few times, nice eyes.

The pictures, dissapointing, raing fog, light, bad photographer, maybe one maybe all.

I am happy though, spent 4 minutes in relative peace with a Snowy owl.

The water had a few Canadas and Mallards, the phragmites on the way back House sparrow and Mourning Dove, above barking as best it could, Ring-billed gulls whirled over the chorus of Red-winged blackbirds and European Starlings.